Knowledge – Provides us with the ability to determine and write our future. It is man’s greatest resource. What we don’t always realize is that what we are taught, and what we learn is not necessarily the truth. There are people who pay good money to control what we are taught in schools, what we’re told when we watch the news, and the narratives we see within the entertainment industry.

We live in a day in age when truth is denied and oppressed for the both the comfort of the unjust and the Godless, and for the advancement of dastardly objectives of evil. In the modern era, the world would have us to belief that truth is personally determined, and not universally defined.

I personally determine truth very differently. I determine truth with the big picture in mind. This big picture is one that is not commonly accepted but in time will become more and more apparent. We are at war, we always have been and always will be – until the world as we know it ends. This war we wage is a spiritual war. Between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of the Devil, between good and between evil. To me all truth is universal.

This site will contain and express personal opinions. In no way are the views, remarks, or expressions found upon this site intended to state in full the truth on any matter. Rather they are meant to encourage unconventional, critical thought of the subject matter released. I share with you my thoughts, on life and a wide variety of topics. – If you’re still with me. Buckle up.