Never Settle


Never Settle


Has anyone ever told you that you couldn’t do it?

Have they given you the you gotta be kidding me, you’re nuts look?

Or have they kindly expressed interest, and wished you luck?

If anyone has said these things to you, then we may have something in common. In my case dreaming big, often won me these responses. Who would have guessed that dreaming bigger than someone else would award you with persecution? What it comes down to is they can’t conceive the things that you can conceive. Where you believe, they doubt. Where you have faith, they have fear.

They contend because they don’t comprehend. Lets be real, its probably not their fault. Chances are they have been hit with a full throttle assault of negative conditioning. They like you were told that there are limits that are next to impossible to exceed. They were taught through their own experiences that reality has rules. I think we all can relate. I simply have chosen to see this perspective for what it is, a perspective.

I think there are plenty of my peers who have had big dreams, they might even have chased them. Yet, at some point after hitting road block after road block they gave up the fight. They stopped chasing their dream. They had been kicked and beat down one too many times. Their beating was not physical it was mental. They heard others doubt them, and in turn they began to doubt themselves. I have never stopped dreaming. Sure sometimes it can be hard to be a dreamer, but I have come to realize that my dreams shape who I am for the best. Even though I have yet to realize my dreams the continual quest for exciting possibilities has proven to school and refine my character. Granting me an outlook that is liberating rather than limiting.

Here are some of my dreams that have attracted some negative attention:

-Become a Millionaire
-Attend university without student loans / mountains of debt
-Own a sports car
-Own a nice large home
-Travel via Private Charter Jet, rather than commercial
-Write a book
-Become a professional speaker
-Become a business consultant / Own a business consulting firm.
-Sell my sales strategy etc to the company that I worked for while in high school.
-Own a Architecture Firm that builds both luxury condos, and provides alternative solutions to affordable housing. (Both of which would be extremely power efficient.)
-Own a Race track where race events can be hosted, and private memberships would allow people the privilege of either racing their car around our track, or renting race cars. etc
-Own all the car dealerships in my city, and setup a system to help the customer make the best possible choice while showing them all the options.
-Own my own clothing company that provides a perfect blend of style and practicality.

(Admittedly I’m not focused on realizing all of these dreams today. I would certainly have no problem with accomplishing them, but at the end of the day one must set priorities.)


To this day I use any opposition to my goals and dreams to propel me forward. I look forward to proving everyone wrong. I look forward to achieving the impossible. I have to stop and think sometimes about how amazing it would feel. Then I am fueled up and ready to keep going. I invite you to do the same, allow opposition to your worth while goals and dreams to fuel the fire of personal determination.

Currently My goals and dreams have become more refined, here are just few from my list:
-Establish a productive morning routine
-Exercise Monday-Friday
-Become a master of communication
-Become financially independent
-Pay off my car loan
-Refine my wardrobe
-Move out of my parents house, and get my own place
-Start university, and prepare to apply for law school


In an effort to realize all my goals and dreams I have looked for the best way to make the most money. After all everyone knows that ones opportunities are directly related to your bank balance, and your financial portfolio. I have concluded that the best and fastest way to amass a personal fortune is to do business online. That being said its not exactly a walk in the park. There is so much to know to truly be successful in the realm of online commerce.

I struggle with feeling overwhelmed with the supposed learning curve that I will have to ingest. Yet, I could never settle for anything less. I have heard so many people say sometimes you just have to settle. I will never accept such a limiting and depressing belief. I just couldn’t see myself being happy while being average. I personally don’t feel happy unless I feel I’m making progress.


I will never settle for average, I seek the best. To be the best, have the best, and share the best. I see no other option. I encourage you to never settle! You deserve better! You are better than average! You can be exceptional!


Now, having decided to venture out into the world of online business has lead me to create this blog. I have absolutely no computer know how. (Asides from typing, and surfing the web.) I don’t know how to code, or setup websites and sell stuff online. I know it can be done, but I personally have no know how. I started this blog to share with you my journey from start to finish. Through this blog I’ll share my learning curve with you. I do this to help myself learn through teaching and sharing, and to provide you a pattern for you to follow to achieve the same success.

In my efforts to start and run a successful empire of online business ventures I will be aided by my father, (an accomplished computer programmer and business development specialist), and the internal governance of Christian morals and ethics. I am sure there would be no better way for me to find success. My father will help me to learn the computer stuff, and the morals and ethics that we live by will be the foundation for our business practice.

After all, I have done enough research to know that there are plenty of online businesses that scam, cheat, and thieve their way to success. This is not success in my eyes, and I don’t believe it would be in yours. I know it is possible to ethically run a successful business and I intend on proving it. I unlike most online marketers, am not just out to make a buck. I want to provide value and satisfaction for all the earnings my business yields. In my studies I discovered a quote that resonates with me.

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”
-Zig Ziglar

I totally agree. In business speak Zig is saying; you can earn the income you dream of, if you will just provide products and services that add sincere genuine value to the life of your consumer. This will be the founding principle of my business plan.

My businesses will center around information products such as; ebooks, videos, and memberships. These information products will be specifically tailored to a niche market.

It can be very challenging to be an entrepreneur, yet I would much rather face the challenges than settle for mediocrity. I’m excited to begin this journey, and I invite you to watch me realize the dream. Who knows, maybe you will chose to chase your dream though following my process!