Gratefully Persist


Gratefully Persist


Do you feel mentally crushed
by how far you have left to go before you reach your goals?


It is easy to feel overwhelmed, confused, and afraid. These feelings are natural. That being said, letting these feeling reek mental havoc within your mind is down right dangerous. I am speaking from experience. I know the struggles we have with our thoughts can be sickening, I know what its like to wage this mental battle for faith over fear.

In my journey toward successful online employment I have come to realize that critical thanking can be a self inflicting poison. As much as I may feel as though my progress is slow and minute, I can’t afford to beat myself up for not being as far along the path as I would like.

You and I can’t afford to be overly critical of our progress. Progress is progress, no matter how big or how small. It is movement, it is change, and it comes from our earnest effort.

Sure we may want to be farther along, see the whole picture, or taste the treat of the long awaited ever elusive success. We crave instant gratification. We want to see results now. The modern world in which we live has only added to this mental struggle. The world has taught us to be demanding, we demand much of others, and even more of ourselves.

When it comes down to it we need to spend more energy being grateful than being discontented with our would be meager attempts to realize our dreams. We need to be grateful for the progress we have seen, and have realize. If we are not then what we have left undone will matter more to us than what has been done. What is yet before us will haunt us rather than excite us. You don’t want this, nor do I.

Ours is the real and seldom acknowledged struggle to accept, acknowledge, and enjoy slow and steady progress. As we work on developing an attitude of self acceptance and gratitude for what we are working on, and the progress we achieve we will be happier, and healthier.

Stress is a direct result of fear. It’s time we confront our fears and faithfully believe that everything will work out for the best. Willingly see the connection between step by step action to our long term success and the realization of your goals.

We are all in this together. Let no one stop you from charging toward your dreams. Momentum is key. Thinking negatively slows momentum, and can bring you to an abrupt halt.

As a growing grizzly I must realize that to be the bear I have never been I must expect and accept the challenges I must face, and I should be grateful for the mental battle that builds the foundation of my powerful grizzly mindset.