Enduring Determination


Never Surrender

runners-635906_1280 Maintain Your Passion and Drive


Everything we do in life takes time.
Naturally we seem to enjoy those activities that take the least amount of our time. When we are faced with challenges and difficulties that demand our focus and effort for a prolonged period of time we can quickly become tired and disinterested. In ones efforts for self employment and self sustainment we often will come to a point where we feel oppressed by time. One can feel robbed of time, and potential (yet uncertain) success from an alternate path. Perhaps it comes from doing similar tasks for a prolonged time, not feeling fulfilled, or not seeing the immediate results we all dream about. Whatever the case we all will reach a point where we are faced with the choice of either patience and persistence, or doubt and defeat.

The other day My Grizzly Mentor helped me to see that I am making more progress than I realize, and that I must remain consistent in my efforts. He told me I had the right process, and that the success I sought in time would come, but that I would need to be develop an enduring commitment to my goals. The Grizzlies words of encouragement came as relief, and brought a greater sense of self awareness. It is the grizzly way to persist, and remain fully dedicated to the accomplishment of goals. (This highlights to me the significance of a mentor. Your mentor has the ability to help you see things in new ways, and gain the prospective you need to succeed.)

The grizzly always remembers to put one paw in front of the other and continue trudging forward. The grizzly doesn’t simply give up, rather it becomes more vicious and determined than ever before. Sure this is not easy. There comes a certain degree of pain and discomfort as one forges a path though the forest of internet marketing, and living a productive, happy, and healthy life. Yet the grizzly knows and understands that it must be willing to make sacrifices today to enjoy the rewards of success tomorrow.

The grizzly methodology is to allow the vision of the future success to excite and energize you, then carefully analyze what one needs to do to achieve the goal, and break the process down into simple manageable steps.

The grizzly attacks its goals one small and steady step at a time. All the while understanding that it will take time and much effort to realize their goal. The grizzly is confident in the process they follow, and enjoys their journey through the forest. They see each step they take as moving them closer to their goals. As they gradually make progress their excitement and anticipation builds. The grizzly sees what others do not. The grizzly sees potential and possibility where others simply see; hard work, long hours, and stress. The grizzly realizes that the paw by paw approach although time consuming is well worth the effort. The grizzly has come to realize from experience that as it workings on learning and applying it becomes far more powerful then if it simply wandered through the forest taking whatever prey came its way.

You and I face the challenges of living in a world that prides itself on instant gratification, short term, easily won, triumphs. Little value is placed on strategically planning to achieve long term goals and dreams. We struggle with long term goals not because we don’t want to achieve them but because we struggle to find the peer support we naturally crave, and lack examples of long term success that we feel relates to us personally. Having a vision that excites us and goals that moves us can only go so far. We must also have the ability to persistently endure the effort and struggle that accomplishment demands of us.

Our ability to endure is strengthened by the development and solidification of our belief that the success we seek is possible. We develop our belief when we accomplish small and simple tasks. One of the many reasons we need to break down our goals into simplified tasks is to help us have the mental health we need as we work toward our goals. When we accomplish the small and simple tasks we can enjoy the success of progress, and develop the belief that the goal we are chasing can be reached and enjoyed. The grizzly doesn’t conquer the forest in a day, rather is makes plans and gradually works persistently toward the prowess and prestige it seeks.

Naturally you and I have a tendency to expect so much from ourselves. We can be our own worst critics. We must always remember to be patient with ourselves. Part of enduring the challenge that is the journey is to realize and accept that success is not an instant result of action. We must openly acknowledge the process. One must have the understanding that perfection and completion will come with time, and to see the progress and momentum that comes with each step that is taken toward their goal.


Our efforts to persistently forge our way through the forest of internet marketing, self improvement, and worth while contribution; comes with healthy and honest self awareness and endurance of our passion and energy. We have to always remember and maintain the passion and energy that caused us to seek out goals in the first place. When we remember why we started, we are always more likely to finish. If we lose sight of the vision all together we stand no chance.

May we always acknowledge the process, and accept its relevance. Let us remember not to demand instant results, rather look forward to long term success. As we lay to rest any natural urge we have to demand immediate results, we are then better prepared to accept the reality that is hard work. As we can mentally come to terms with the effort and the time our goals demand we find ourselves in a better state of mind, and can then attack our goals one small step at a time.