Discover the Power of Your Convicition


We all need to have conviction. This can be hard. Not because we don’t know what it is, but because it is greatly opposed by nearly at every turn.

Sometimes our well meaning friends, family, and associates feel they know what’s best for us. They feel that because they know us, and have shared experiences with us, they feel they have a pretty good idea of what makes us happy. So they kindly suggest and pressure us to do things that they figure will be enjoyable for us.

We take their kind advice, because we can’t quite grasp what we need to do. Rather than just give up on life we do what they suggest, but somewhere down the road, we realize that we’re not living the life we want to be living.

So we have to face the fire of the well meaning, and determine what we truly want. We have to discover our own purpose, and do what truly excites us.

I have recently had a very blunt conversation with My Grizzly Mentor, and shared that I wanted to be doing something different.

As a result I started working on writing a new book. I’m loving every minute, and I’m more excited than ever.

if you want to know more about what I’m up to. I’m starting a VLOG. Just go to youtube, and type in in the search field. Then you’ll find me, and I have a video that explains what one might call my new beginning.

I challenge you to find what you are passionate about, what you have conviction, and determination to do, and pursue. Then go after it with extreme prejudiced.

All the best.