Be Yourself



You and I want to be a success on and offline in both our personal and professional lives.

One of our greatest challenges is to be ourselves.

We need to have the confidence to be who we are, rather than put on a show and be someone we are not.

In the eye of others, and the eye of the public we can struggle with the significance of the impressions we leave.

Sometimes we can fear that people won’t react well to who we really are, so we be someone who we aren’t.

We can do this in our writing, what we say, and how we present ourselves.

Truth be told this mental struggle keeps us from truly connecting with others, because everyone can see that we are acting rather than living.

When we are real with people, and show our weaknesses, awkwardness, and personal quirks we become instantly more trust-able.

People want to know you, not who you think they want to know.

When you are authentic and honest with people then people will connect with and trust you.

Personally accessing where you are at with your behavior can be challenging.

Take the time to ask a trusted friend how you are doing.

If you have written something, produced a video, or recorded something, ask them if they can see your personality coming through.

If they can’t ask for helpful feedback so you can improve.

I’m lucky enough to have My Grizzly Mentor to help me with this. We recently talked about my progress, and the main thing he bought up was my authenticity, and my ability to be myself.

He assured me that once I learn how to allow my personality to shine through in my work I could easily enjoy a multi-million-dollar income.

So be sure to ask yourself, and ask others if you are being yourself, then look for and work on ways to improve.

This is something I’m working on facing, so know you’re not alone if you find this challenging.

We always have to remember to take things one paw at a time, to not give up, and to allow ourselves to unleash our inner grizzly.




(The dude above is not me, my name is Evan too though…kinda cool.)

You and I have dreams and goals that move us, but sometimes our thoughts overwhelm us. We have so much on our minds. We loose track on how far we have come, and feel frustrated with how far left we have to go.

At times we may struggle to clearly identity our vision, know what our next steps should be, or feel lack the energy be it mental or physical to move forward (if only for the moment).

Have you ever had a day where you feel frustrated?

What do you do?…

I have recently learned that when frustrated with your current circumstance, I need to stop and look at how far I have come.

Whether it be minutes, hours, or days that are making your distraught, you can pull through.

Do it naturally. (Don’t use any kind of drugs)


Talk to talk to someone, share some of your frustrations. This conversation needs to start with yourself. If you don’t hear yourself out first you won’t be properly primed to enjoy the benefits of the support of others.

You and I need friends who will lovingly
wack us on the side of the head from time to time.


Sometimes it working out can help us work out our frustrations. Physical exercises can bring great mental relief. When you feel overwhelmed you may want to access how physically active you have been. I know that even going for a walk to start my day can help ease my often tense nerves. So be sure to include physical exercise in your strategy to combat mind crippling thoughts of doubt.

You just might need to work it out…


You may want to try some music therapy? Try finding music that helps you feel excited and more up beat. Do you have a favorite song you can singalong to? I have found that the right music can help me change my attitude. Admittedly I haven’t always been able to do it all at once, sometimes I have to start out with some sad songs and then work my way back into a positive jam. “Can’t Touch This,” by MC Hammer is a song that has come to help me as of recent.

Do you have song that helps you?

Share it with us, and maybe it can help someone else.

Get your groove on and dance it out:


A great way to help you change your thoughts is to use writing as a mental massage. Write out how you are feeling and confront your feelings. Writing out how you feel helps you to feel heard, and is a way you can release negative energy you have stuck inside you.

You need to use pen and paper for the best results. I know it’s old school, but its more involved and is far healthier for you.

I have found writing to be a great relief personally, and know it can help you too.

When you feel stuck, remember that you have come along way.

Remain determined to take action, and do what you can do.

You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to remain committed.

Take things one paw at a time and don’t beat yourself up for having rough, tough, frustrating days. Just breath, and remember your human, and take action to attach your bout of depression.

You need to take action, get up go for a walk…etc. Or try the ideas I shared above, but don’t sit or lie there in a pool of sophisticating self pity.

Here’s to all of you who had, are having, and just
might yet have some hard days.

I want you to know you’re not alone, and I want you to not give up.