So many people have recommended Fiverr.

I personally thought it sounded like a great opportunity to outsource and get my logo done quickly.

My logo that was going to be ready in 5hrs wasn’t what I wanted.

After a week or so of  requesting logo jobs and waiting I had made no progress.

I nearly got a logo from Fiverr, until the seller disappeared.

This was really weird, because I don’t know how they expected to get paid without meeting the terms of the payment.

Now I’m not willing to say one should never use Fiverr, what I’m trying to say is I had a very poor experience.

One of the first people I asked to do my logo backed out canceled the order.


What was crazier then the canceled order was that
Fiverr felt it could double charge me for the order I never received from the seller.

Fiverr claims that I successfully purchased at least two logo jobs, however I have a personal record of both being canceled.

I was totally new to Fiverr, but in the case of the order I purchased.
I quickly realized that after accepting the order I hadn’t received what I bought.

After waiting a few days to see if the seller would respond, as they are half way around the world I gave up.

Around this time I logged into my credit card account to see what Fiverr had charged me.

I was immediately shocked to see two payments on separate days with the same order numbers and differing amounts!

I was expecting to ask my credit card provider to reverse one charge, but it was clear that Fiverr had out did themselves.



Notice: The order numbers are the same! Fiverr charged me twice for the same order, that I never received.

I was sure to contact Fiverr because I felt they deserved to know the struggles I was having,….then I just threw down.

Poor Jenny never say it coming…A guy who can read a order number!



I still want to know why they couldn’t just admit to having double charged my credit card?!

I realize Fiverr could still be a great company, because even great companies make mistakes…but I have more fear than faith when it comes to using Fiverr.

Here’s the deal, I gave up on Fiverr.

I made my own logo.

Why ask someone else to make my logo,…they aren’t me!

I’m a very picky perfectionist and so sitting and waiting to criticize someones work,
then waiting for them to try again…was more stressful than making my own logo.

Want to know the basics of how I made my logo? Click here

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