How to Spot Online Marketing Scams


My Grizzly mentor has been through the forest of online marketing,
and stepped in plenty of traps in his day.

These traps resulted in hundreds to thousands of dollars in financial wounds.

The Grizzly Mentor knows a thing or two about online marketing,
and how to spot online marketing scams.

The Grizzly Mentor can provide guidance in determining;
which companies and offers are reputable and which are not.

I would like to pass down some of this guidance to you.

Here’s what’ll typically happen if you decide to purchase one of these products or solutions:

Their M.O is basically the same:

Make extravagant website —> Attract customer with extravagant sales copy —> provide them a small taste —> Attract them to join —> Persuade them to buy $100-$1,000’s offering the real deal.

The Grizzly Mentor has seen this formula repeat itself OODLES of times.

Most internet marketing products constantly do this!

You’ll be assured it only costs you a low one time payment to register for and get all the benefits.

Only to discover you would need to buy $100’s or even $1,000’s worth of products to actually learn anything, and receive the implied value promised you when you joined.

One internet business that is famous for this is My Online Business Empire. (MOBE)

Note: If you have been scammed online before, please report it here.

Here’s a quick guide to to help you avoid the financial and mental pain of sneaky internet scams.


The companies that are out to scam you almost always make large and exciting claims.

Heres the deal, if it sounds too good to be true. Then there’s a solid chance it is.

If it gets you excited, and then you feel skeptical then it could very well be a scam.

(Or dishonest, immature marketing that doesn’t deserve your attention.)

Watch for the following;

Gives you the perception that making money online is quick and easy.

Claims you can be wealthy via a few clicks.

Ensures you can be make a full time revenue stream in 4 weeks.
Examples of Extravagant claims:

Ex1: Gives you a video pitch or sale’s page and offers to show you how to generate the trillion dollar income that you have always dreamed of, but instead only brags about how much you could make and essentially doesn’t reveal how the system works.

Ex2: Has you sign up for “free” promising you tons of things only to immediately send you promotional emails, without having first earned your trust through providing you the value you had initially expected.


Most often including the following;

Easy, Automated, Autopilot, Idiot-proof, Full proof, Loophole, Effortless, Hassle-Free, Done for you, Backlink packages, Painless, Stress free, Quick, Simple, 1 (2, 3, ect…) Simple Click System, Magic Formula, The secret to, ect…

In all fairness not all products or services promoted in this manner are scams.

Regardless, they warrant some critical thinking.

Most of these companies use this type of advertising to excite our senses, and grab us emotionally.

All effective sales promotions will relate to us emotionally.

This doesn’t make them a scam.

Rather such a sales promotion can be deceptive if you don’t take the time to think it over.

This kind of marketing is known as neuro-marketing, as it is designed to lure us in emotionally.

Neuro-marketing suggests that we naturally crave the easy way out.

We want to believe in a program that does almost everything for us while we sit back
in our den and wait for Bambi to come to us.


Between extravagant claims, and deceptive and enticing sales copy you could quickly become confused, or worse scammed.

The best way to proceed with caution is to take time to think about and consider;
what has been said, how it made you feel, the implied post purchase value,
and the various reviews provided by previous customers.

It’s not common to come across honest evaluations of products, but they are available (This site is one of them).

Always remember, a review is not a sales pitch.

A honest review is an expression of personal opinion, in relation to an experience.


Recognize that there is undoubtedly, real legitimate training which can teach you to make honest money online.

Though hard to find, its out there.

Identifying online scams is both easy and hard.

People who are completely new to online marketing will often encounter A LOT Of frustration doing this.

In fact most of the scams My Grizzly Mentor went through was when he was a complete newbie to this business.

On the contrary after reading this article, I hope this subject has grown much easier to understand.

I don’t want you to be frustrated!

My Grizzly Mentor has helped me to identify qualities that most scammers wouldn’t have. Most scammers or bear hunters are not;
personable, openly share personal information, share the history of their company, share personal weaknesses
along with their accomplishments, and spend more time sharing information and providing
explanation then promoting additional products or services.

Prepare to Defend & Protect:

Have you been scammed?

The Grizzly Mentor has been scammed before, and he got angry.

This lead him to developed a free course; and offer a forever free scam prevention system.

The Grizzly Mentor will help you protect yourself against scams, by holding online retailers accountable.

Don’t be a victim!

You owe it to yourself to visit and begin protecting yourself today.


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This membership however, is the ultimatum.

There are no massive product launches, or promotions that must be purchased
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The best part of about Wealthy Affiliate, is that it provides you and me the opportunity
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The site is a gathering place for the up and coming stars of internet marketing.

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Being an online entrepreneur does not have to be lonely.

My Grizzly Mentor and I are apart of the group, and will be happy to support you once you’re inside.

You will not have to go it alone.

We will be there to answer your questions, and show you how to utilize this great opportunity.



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