Never Hunt When Hungry

Don’t Ever, Hunt When Hungry!

Has anyone ever said something you didn’t like, then later on you realized they were right?

What I’m about to share with you might seem a little odd, but I promise that in time you’ll see that I know what I’m talking about.

My Grizzly Mentor has taught me not to leave the den for a hunt until I have managed my hunger.

Have you ever heard that you shouldn’t go to the grocery store when you’re hungry?

Have you ever made a purchase based on a craving?

Have you ever done something because of a craving, only to regret it later?

My Grizzly mentor and I, both feel that our cravings have a powerful affect on our thoughts, and can totally change our reasoning when making choices.

In our journey through the forest of Internet marketing there is no avoiding the fact that we are seeking an income stream that for most of us has only existed in our dreams, magazines,TV, movies, and that guy you saw yesterday cruising without a care in the world in his sports car…smile blazing.

Now theres been plenty said about money over the years, and rightfully so. Money has become a determining factor when it comes to realizing opportunities and having options.

I would like some more options, wouldn’t you?

There are those who say money is bad.

Have you met anyone like this.

For the record money is not the root of all evil, its the love of money that is the root of all evil.

Now here’s the question,…how do you feel about money?

Do need it?…Well YEAH!
Do you think of it all the time?
Do you have financial worries?
Are you constantly thinking about getting more money?

To determine whether you love money, simply ask yourself where your loyalties lie.

If you think, and do everything for money…well then your loyalties lie with money.

When starting your journey into the forest of Internet marketing, you have to be sure that you see money in the right light.

Has pondering finances ever stressed you out?

Do you ever, placed value on your self based on your bank account balance?

Have you ever used money to define success?

The focus we place on money can hurt us, and our business.

That’s the hard truth.

Have you ever worked for a company that was more concerned about making the sale, then anything else?

Have you ever been pressured to sell something to someone that you know they didn’t need or want?

Our focus needs to be on helping people, rather than dreaming and scheming about how you could get their money.

What if they wanted to give you their money?

Do you want to be yourself, while making money online?

You can!

When you focus on people,…and adding value to their lives your business will blossom and and your vision will become clear.

What can you share?
What can you give?
What do you know that could help someone?
Can you help add value to the lives of others?

These are the questions that you most focus on.
These questions inspire honesty with yourself and with others, and will lead you to start and run an honest business. Your business will be successful because you are making a difference.

Didn’t you want to make a difference anyways?

You want to do business honestly, right?

I am in my early 20’s and its easy to get caught up in the seemly valiant quest for money. I am planning on going to law school, but I’m scared of debt so I refuse to go till I can pay for it. I want a nice sports car, a mansion of a house, and the lifestyle of the rich and famous. I also want to afford to give my future family all they could ever want or need. Now in all honesty if you put a price tag on my dreams I’m sure it would be in the millions.

Do you have expenses you need to cover?

Do you have debts to be paid off?

Do you have big dreams?

Do you ever drift off into lula lula land dreaming about living with financial freedom?

That being said, I have learned from experience, and the careful counsel of my Grizzly mentor that focusing on money stunts my progress, adds stress to my life, makes me a more cynical person, and gives me patience problems with myself and others.

When you focus on money you are wasting energy that you could be using to build your business.

Does this make sense to you?

The first step to building the business you have always wanted, is to accept that you’ll get there one day,… so stop worrying about it. Have faith, not fear.

If you want money there is nothing wrong with you, you just need to be careful what you allow the want for money to do to you.

Don’t you agree?

Have you ever heard of anyone acting rather irrational because they needed more money?

This is because they were allowing fear to govern their actions rather than faith.

I promise that when you stop worrying about making money, and start focusing on how you could truly help people; you will be able to find you’re niche, determine your business strategies, and win the loyalty of your customers, and the income you have always dreamed of will be on its way.

Never hunt when hungry, there is a better way.

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