The first blog post, is – as expected … the hardest.

Starting anything is difficult. Honestly, I love to write. I’ll be the first to admit that I have by no means mastered the English language, yet despite my imperfections I enjoy putting words together. Life is crazy. There’s so much on my mind. – And starting a blog feels like a big commitment. I don’t feel ready and I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to stay with it. All I know is that as for right now It feels okay.

Determining the topic for this first post is not easy. Naturally my mind is full of all sorts of things that I might express, yet at the same time a starting point must be determined. So – I’ll share something that has been on my mind for quite some time.

I’ve observed that we live in a world where what is right is most often said to be wrong, and what is wrong is most often said to be right.

There is so much confusion. – Rarely do people see things for how they really are. Rarely do people realize how significant things are, or how bad they are. People have a wide array of feelings and views. This is hard for me to come to terms with. Many things that I find to be obvious are not obvious to others. Many things that matter to some don’t matter to others. Morals and values are rare. Priorities are askew and lives are lived without meaningful or worthwhile direction. Many miss the mark.

The hard reality is that people only see what they want to see and what they are prepared to see. Unless they personally determine to open their minds to more, or ask more questions their prospective and understanding, their morals, their values, and their priorities will be limited.

Just because something is right and true doesn’t mean it will be widely accepted or understood. When such truths would warrant personal changes in beliefs and views they will truly be a challenge to accept.  For nothing that invites us to change is easy unless it’s what we want, or what we’re comfortable with.

Learning, and the development of knowledge and understanding is not an instant thing. It is not a one- time thing. And it is not something that can take place without some discomforts on our part. If we are truly learning we will face the hard reality that the world we live in is far more wicked than is commonly acknowledged, and that what’s right is not what’s easily accepted or popular.

Living according to the truth, or the truths that I have come to see and accept is not easy – because it’s often a lonely road. Few friends can accept the full validity of what I see. Yet I always appreciate those who remain my friends even when they can’t yet see the things I see. The truth is an uncomfortable burden that you must carry. It is made lighter through faith, and it is made clear through faith.

May we learn to be willing to see things for how they really are and consider things even when they challenge our comfort zones. For when we understand and live according to truth we will be more prepared to face the trials of this world and have peace of mind.  

I will boldly state that what you learn in school, what is said on the news, what your doctor tells you, what the media tells you, and what people tell you is not necessarily the truth. The truth is out there to be found, but that doesn’t mean it’ll come freely or easily. It’s a personal quest that is truly demanding. It requires a willing mind and an open and trusting heart. The first step to learning is being willing.