I’m a critical thinker, striving to see and live with faith. Life’s not easy, but with a foundation of faith one can learn to see the beauty of each moment and within each season of life.

Never been one to follow the crowd. – I often forge my own path. My life journey has been diverse and I’m confident it will continue to be. It’ll be interesting to see what life has in store. I’m in my mid twenties – and am very much aware for the pressure and struggle to fine ones self. This is no easy feat.

Over the years I’ve gone on a few adventures, and tried somethings. Always learning at every turn. Having an innate ability to notice and observe, to see and contemplate – I’ve found learning is something I can’t escape. With an eye for detail and a heart that can feel every waking hour my mind is consumed by the complexities of the world around me. At times this can be overwhelming, yet I wouldn’t change it for the world. – It’s who I am.

We live in a big world, and things are not always as they seem. I’ve come to see that not matter the subject – truth is a rare gem that is often hidden or suppressed. Today truth is never popular. With my powers of observation and an eye for the big picture I see things differently.